Frequently Asked Questions



If I order multiple services from you, do I get a discount?

Absolutely! The discount amount depends on the event and number of services.

Wedding/Quince with 2+ services 5%
Special Event with 2+ services 2.5%

Why are your prices so low?

I want more people to be able to enjoy the benefits of quality services without having to dip into their rent money. After talking to many brides on a strict budget (and having been one of them), I decided to keep my prices reasonable while retaining quality.

HOW are your prices so low?

First, because I run my business from my home, i don’t have to pay rent for a studio or commercial kitchen or have to pay extra for special permits.

Second, I am a huge bargain shopper. I buy my photography equipment on sale, my baking supplies with coupons, and my Macbook/Adobe CS5… well you can’t win ‘em all.

How are you able to sell cakes from home?

As of September of 2011, Texas made it legal to sell baked goods from your home under the Texas Cottage Food Law. The law was expanded September 2013, and all home bakers are now required to obtain a food handlers permit, which I have.

You can read more about the Cottage Food Law here.

You said U Name It, but what do you NOT do?

Math, science, anything illegal…

Oh you mean in the realm of creative services?

I definitely can’t sew or do hair. For those services, you can visit my “Talented Friends” page to get a custom wedding dress from Nancy or a beautiful hairstyle from Virginia.