Cake Pricing/Flavors


There is a $200 minimum on all orders

Cake Pricing

Tiered Cake Pricing

(starts at $3.00 per serving)
Size Servings* Starts at
2 Tier 6/8” Round Cake 36 $108
2 Tier 6/10” Round Cake 50 $150
3 Tier 6//8/10” Round Cake 74 $222
3 Tier 6/10/14” Round Cake 128 $384
4 Tier 6/8/10/12” Round Cake 130 $390
4 Tier 8/10/12/14” Round 196 $588
5 Tier 6/8/10/12/14” Round Cake 208 $624
4 Tier 6/10/14/18” Round Cake 258 $774
2 Tier 6/8” Square Cake 50 $150
2 Tier 6/10” Square Cake 68 $204
3 Tier 6/8/10” Square Cake 100 $300
3 Tier 6/10/14” Square Cake 166 $498
4 Tier 6/8/10/12” Square Cake 172 $516
4 Tier 8/10/12/14” Square Cake 252 $756
5 Tier 6/8/10/12/14” Square Cake 270 $810
4 Tier 6/10/14/18” Square Cake 328 $984














*servings are according to Wilton’s wedding cake cutting guide. For party sized portions, divide number by 2.

 Single Cake Pricing

(starts at $3.00 per serving)
Size (2 layer) Servings* Starts at
6” sphere 15 $45
6” round 12 $36
6” square 18 $54
8” round 24 $72
8” square 32 $96
10” round 38 $114
10“ square 50 $150
12” round 56 $168
12” square 72 $216
14” round 78 $234
14” square 98 $294
16” round 100 $300
16” square 128 $384
18” round 130 $390
18” square 162 $486














*servings are according to Wilton’s wedding cake cutting guide. For party sized portions, divide number by 2.

Cake Flavors

Flavors Fillings Icings
Triple Chocolate Strawberry Vanilla Buttercream
Vanilla Raspberry Chocolate Buttercream
Almond Pineapple Chocolate Ganache
Red Velvet Cherry
Lemon Lemon Curd
Spice Vanilla Buttercream
Strawberry Chocolate Buttercream
Italian Cream Cream Cheese Icing
Cherry Chip Whipped Cream Icing
Carrot Peanut ButterCream
Cake Add-Ons
– for cake stands, add $50. a $20 refund will be given upon return
– for topsy turvy cakes, add $0.75 per serving
– for fondant, add $0.50 per serving
Contact Me

Styrofoam Dummy Cake

Want a big cake without a big price? You can add a decorated Styrofoam base to add height to your cake without the full cost and extra cake. Styrofoam pricing depends on the size and detail of decoration.

Cake Tastings

I offer complimentary cake tastings if you are in the Brazos Valley or are willing to come to me.

A $0.55 per mile travel fee is charged for out-of town tastings.

U Name It!

Have a design in your head or a picture of your dream cake? Let me know!

Have ideas for flavoring or decoration? I’ve had requests from Funfetti to Camouflage, so just ask!

Cupcake Pricing

Regular (starts at $15.00 per dozen)

Standard cupcake about 2” wide. An assorted dozen with buttercream icing and wrappers.

Gourmet (starts at $20.00 per dozen)

Standard cupcake about 2” wide. An assorted dozen with custom filling,  buttercream icing, custom wrappers, and fondant accents.

Mini (starts at $10.00 per dozen, minimum 2 dozen)

Small cupcake about 1” wide. An assorted dozen with buttercream icing and wrappers.

Muffin-Sized (starts at $20 per ½ dozen)

Large cupcake about 2.5” wide. An assorted dozen with buttercream icing, custom filling, and wrappers.

Ginormous (starts at $30.00 per cupcake)

Massive cupcake about 7” wide and can serve approximately 10 people. Perfect for a Smash cake.

Cakeball Pricing

Regular (starts at $20.00 per dozen)

An assorted dozen with chocolate stripes that do not include customization or special toppings.

Gourmet (starts at $25.00 per dozen)

Includes customization & special toppings. Toppings may include sprinkles, nuts, mini chocolate chips, mini M&M’s, Oreo crumble, coconut, colored stripes, U NAME IT!

Cookie Cake Pricing

$25 custom 14″ cookie cake with the decoration and colors of your choice

Order Info

A non-refundable deposit of 20% is required for all cake orders.

For weddings and special events, book as soon as possible. For smaller orders, 2 week notice is recommended.

With your cake order, you will receive a price summary and a digital sketch of your cake upon request.

You can pay with a check, cash, or Paypal.

PayPal Acceptance Mark

Delivery Fees

U Name It! is located in College Station, Texas. If you’re in the Brazos Valley, you’re covered. If not, a round trip travel fee of $0.55 per mile may be applied.

I do not have set-up fees, but cake-cutting services are not offered at this time on account of U Name It offering special event photography.

DISCLAIMER: As of 9/1/2011, Texas has made it officially legal to own a home baking business through the Texas Cottage Food Law. By law, I must state that because my baked goods are made in my home, state law does not require inspection by the health department. However, I have a smoke-free home and maintain high-quality sanitary standards when preparing and packaging baked goods.